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"If you believe the Salmon's health matters, then AlaskaLax is for you!"

Making a choice to be healthy and live healthy isn't hard when you have experienced the taste.

A Flavor to Savor

The superior flavor and texture of Alaska seafood is recognized around the world.  The flavor and color characteristics come from feeding on a natural diet of marine organisms and the texture comes from annual migrations in the cold North Pacific.   Alaska region’s remoteness and unique geography provide a habitat that produces a salmon with a flavor characterized by its natural life far from their farmed cousins.


Wild Alaska seafood is an ideal choice for people who want to enjoy optimum health. It is high in protein and essential nutrients, low in saturated fat, and a natural source of the “good fats” called Omega-3 fatty acids


Trial shipments currently underway

We’re currently conducting trial shipments to select restaurants and fish merchants in Stockholm.   If  you’re interested in participating in our trials, please send us a note.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

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